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The Amsterdam Centre for Conflict Studies (ACCS) provides a forum for exchange between academics conducting research on conflict and practitioners engaged in conflict resolution. It does so through standing programs, seminars, conferences, reports, joint research and other means.

The Centre brings together two strands of conflict research that were studied holistically when ‘conflict studies’ emerged in the 1960s, but have since separated: research on local, organizational, policy, and other conflicts in developed democracies and research on collective violence, civil war, and massive human rights violations.  On both sides, the Centre organizes research and practice initiatives on the factors influencing the development of conflict and on approaches to conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Researchers affiliated with the Amsterdam Conflict Centre take an interdisciplinary approach to conflict, drawing on political science, sociology, anthropology, international development studies, urban studies, planning, law, and other disciplines. Most have a particular focus on transnational or sub-national dimensions and the multiscalar dynamics of conflict, conflict resolution and processes of peacebuilding. 

ACCS Board

Dr. E. (Erella) Grassiani


Prof. dr. U.E. (Ursula) Daxecker


Dr. A. (Anne) de Jong


Dr. I. (Imrat) Verhoeven


Dr O. (Olga) Sezneva


Dr. N. (Nanke) Verloo


Dr. A.A. (Abbey) Steele


ACCS Program Manager

A.E. (Anna) Wang

Program Manager