The Amsterdam Centre for Conflict Studies (ACCS)

Activism, human rights and academic neutrality

By Anne de Jong-ACCS affiliate

2 July 2015

What ethical challenges are faced by researchers studying social and political movements? Should scholars integrate their personal politics and identities into their research? What role should activists have in shaping the purposes or processes of social scientific research? How do changing political contexts affect the ethical integrity of a research project over time?

Anne de Jong contributes to this edited volume on the live issues of research ethics that face students and scholars whose research ‘subjects’ are located in contentious political terrain.

Publication details

2015 (Book in print) Activism, human rights and Academic neutrality: The Gaza Freedom Flotilla. In: Gillan, K. & Pickerill, J. (eds.)  Research Ethics and  Social Movements: Scholarship, Activism & Knowledge Production. London: Routledge

Published by  AISSR