The Amsterdam Centre for Conflict Studies (ACCS)

Negotiating urban conflict. Conflict as opportunity for urban democracy.

By Nanke Verloo - ACCS affiliate

1 July 2015

This study argues that episodes of urban conflict can serve as a lens into the challenges that society presents to citizens and to those responsible for governance. Struggles around representation, inequality, belonging, and governance are negotiated among citizens, professionals, and policy practitioners at the street-level of urban neighborhoods.

The interactions between stakeholders in situations of conflict can function as laboratories to understand how citizenship is performed through informal and unconventional street-level practices.

Nanke Verloo's study is the result of four years of ethnographic case study research in which she immersed herself into the dramas of people who inhabit, govern, or practice in the urban environment. The study reveals if, when, how, and where episodes of urban conflict can be understood as moments of opportunity for ‘negotiated democracy’.

Published by  AISSR